Back Painted Glass

Back-Painted Glass

Due to its durability and high versatility, it gained high popularity in the past decade. Back-painted glass implies what it sounds like —this type of glass is been painted on the back side. Thus, from the front side, the glass is not translucent, but instead boasts of a solid and vivid color.

Its palette offers an attractive choice of contemporary and trendy shades. Moreover, such color range offers wild flights of imagination; that explains why back-painted glass with its diversity of colors captivates many designers and architects all over the globe.


  • Durability: back-painted glass boasts of UV-resistance; thanks to its baked in paint formulations
  • Environment-friendly and safe: this type of glass does not contain any VOC
  • Factory back-painted guarantees consistency and high-quality
  • Boasts of glossy appearance and provides smooth finish
  • Versatility: A wide range of colors and shades (from ultra-brilliant white to super-black), a diversity of glass surface options (e.g. low-iron textures)
  • Back-painted glass is moisture-resistant
  • Scratch resistance
  • Glossy finish


When it comes to applications, back-painted glass goes great with numerous materials: stone, steel, wood and others. Its high-quality and smooth finish allows designers for applications at very close range.

The applications for this type of glass vary widely, however, it’s commonly used in commercial and residential buildings. One of the major uses of back-painted glass is that it’s a great design element. Glass is always a good idea if one wants to add a unique and modern look.

  • Furniture
  • Standard doors, sliding doors
  • Commercial shelves
  • Wall coverings
  • Railings
  • Table Tops