Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is one of the safest types of glass. It holds together when shattered and that’s the reason laminates glass gained high popularity in kindergartens and residential houses. In case of breaking, it’s held in place by an interlayer; it can be EVA or PVB which are placed between layers of glass.

Due to its quality to keep binding on the thin film and not hurt anyone, laminated glass has been on the edge of glory for many decades. The surface of the broken glass remains smooth and clean. It goes without saying that it prevents elements from falling, penetrating which guarantees human’s safety.

Thanks to its numerous pros, laminated glass not only the safety one, it makes unimaginable unique effects in household decoration. For example, this type of glass is applied to hoke doors (including bathroom/kitchen doors). Plus, large surface partitions at residential houses are usually hidden trouble to the safety of active kids. If laminated glass is applied, parents will feel calm about the children’s safety.


  • It’s hard to neglect that laminated glass is very durable and super-versatile glazing material
  • It goes without saying, that laminated glass is very safe and it’s one of the reasons why they use it in office and residential spaces
  • Protection from natural diseases

Technical Details

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When it comes to applications, laminated glass is being used for glass roofs and floors, aquariums, jewelry shops, embassies, residential and office areas, computer and shopping centers etc. In other words, it’s easier to count where this type of glass is not applied.

Nowadays this type of glass is one of the most popular for houses and commercial glazing.