Patterned Glass

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass is a type of decorative translucent glass with embossed patterns usually on one surface. However, sometimes one can meet a glass with embossed patterns on both surfaces.

Thanks to its unique structure and design, it managed to gain high interest from interior designers and architects. One or both sides of patterned glass feature a design made by rolling the hot glass ribbon between two metal rollers.

Patterned glass could be also described as a delicate/rolled/verage type of glass. It is usually used in interiors where privacy is desired but still light transmission matters. Moreover, adding special property of decoration, patterned glass can provide a light to pass through and at the same time, it can prevent clear view.

In comparison with clear glass, patterned glass transmits less light, but provides more privacy.


  • Providing a wide range from total privacy to semi-private options, patterned glass allows to choose any level of privacy
  • Moreover, a customer can choose different thicknesses depending on its style and use
  • Durability: patterned glass can be tempetered if it’s thick enough to make sure safety and security options
  • Creativity: for the time being patterned glass is one of the easiest ways to customize any project and make something unique by means of incorporating it with other types of glass


When it comes to applications, patterned glass has grown from just windows and doors. Today this type of glass is being used in partitions, cabinet doors, stairway railings and many other interior details.

Moreover, many interior designers and architects combine this material with other design elements to add unique and modern look. The use of different design possibilities allows to incorporate various opacities, patterns and color laminates.

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