Temperable Back Painted Glass

Temperable Back Painted Glass

Thanks to combination of durability and style, this type of glass is made to perform in both indoors and outdoors. Paint for temperable back painted glass is formulated specially for long-term adhesion to glass counters or other surfaces.

Thus, there are many qualities of both glass and paint; this quintessence allows customers to achieve the look you’re seeking for.

There are only a few companies in the world who offer temperable back painted glass and we are one of them. Our company provides high-quality, durable temperable back painted glass you may order at any size. Moreover, you can order custom coloring.

Temperable Back Painted Glass

*For Custom Colors Please Contact Us


  • Durability and style: this type of glass suit harsh environments
  • You can choose different colors to incorporate them and get a unique finish for your interior/exterior
  • Provides smooth finish and it is very good for showcasing a modern and edgy sense of style
  • Back-painted glass is moisture-resistant
  • Withstands thermal shock
  • High resistance to scratches and impact
  • Can be immediately cut and temperable


  • Taking about its applications, since temperable back painted glass is a great mix of durability and style.
  • Temperable back painted glass comes great with many materials: wood, stones, steel and many others.
  • Interior – Furniture: Tables, shelves, writing boards, display units, glass retail stands, showers, kitchen backsplash and more
  • Exterior – Wall covering: Kitchen backsplash, restaurant walls, hotels, shops, offices, spandrel, facade cladding and more