Wired Glass

Wired Glass

The wired glass is a special glass formed by pressing the wire mesh into the semi liquid glass ribbon during the calendering process.


Fire resistance

Fire spread, when the glass is heated and cracked, it can still maintain a fixed state, it is difficult to collapse and break, play a role in isolating the fire, so it is also called fire-proof glass.

It can be used as a kind of fireproof material with the combination of wire glass and frame of fire door.


The splinter glass prevents the debris from flying. Even when the glass is broken by earthquakes, storms, shocks and so on, the debris is very difficult to disperse, so compared with ordinary glass, can not cause debris to scatter injuries. It is also suitable for earthquake-proof occasions, such as buildings with high requirements for earthquake protection and buildings with industrial vibration.

Burglar resistance

Ordinary glass is very easy to break, so thieves can sneak into illegal activities, and when the glass is used, even if the glass is broken, there is still a wire net working, so thieves can’t easily steal. This kind of theft proof property of wired glass brings psychological safety to people.


Therefore, the wired glass can be used for skylights, roofs, indoor partitions, and other occasions that are likely to cause debris to hurt people. In addition, it has a certain anti-theft function for doors and windows.

The wired glass can also be used as fireproof material for grade two doors and windows. The wired glass improves the brittleness of flat glass. It is a cheap and widely used building glass.

Technical Data:

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