Diffused Glass

Diffused Glass

The major purpose of diffused glass is to generate maximum possible light transmission. Diffused glass aims to diffuse light which enters greenhouses. Owning these unique characteristics, the effect is fewer shadow and the conditions through the territory of greenhouse.

Diffused glass is perfect to imitate natural light, thanks to its effect, it encourages growth of crops as much as it’s possible.

Ensuring that the light reaches deeply into the crop, the diffusion effect illuminates a larger leaf surface area. What stands for that? To put it into a nutshell, it allows more photosynthesis for less money; since it benefits the growth of more and more plants without any additional spends. As a result, plans may take in more Carbon Dioxide for extreme growth and better quality.

This type of glass is made by treating the surface of low-iron regular glass. As a result, it makes patterns that scatter the direct light. The main challenge here is to ‘scrabble’ the regular glass without creating a surface that allows dust to accumulate.

Not every company has been working on this technology with good outcome, but we offer high-quality diffused glass which offers no reduced light transmission. Today we offer diffused glass which transmits light as good as regular, clear glass.


  • Unique effect: high transmission of light allows to scatter more light for less money
  • Longevity: diffused glass has been using as greenhouse glazing material for many years
  • Great for regions with abundant sunny weather and for tall-growing crops

Technical Data:

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Nowadays diffused glass is the most popular material used for greenhouses due it provides more light (more glazing options). The advantages of diffused glass has been long-discussed and today no doubts that using this type of glass for greenhouses and farming can provide production advantages that result yield increases in edible crops and reduced time to market as well as quality improvements in ornamentals.