Solar Glass

Solar Glass

Solar glass is a type of glass which is used on solar panels. The aim of such glass is to provide light transmittance rate. This glass is also known as photovoltaic glass or energy-saving glass because it helps to really save on energy consumption. Solar panel itself is a thin layer of optoelectronic semiconductor, it’s purpose is to convert solar energy into electricity.

Without any exaggeration, considering the efficiency of this eco-friendly, up-to-date technology, many companies use high-transmittance and low reflection glass for the mentioned panel; we are no exception. Thanks to its durability and strength, solar glass provides the best image quality by eliminating unwanted distortions by means of modern technologies.

Thus, solar glass with its low iron content and low absorbance is a perfect material to use for photovoltaic modules and solar thermal modules. It protects elements goodly and raise the efficiency, longevity of battery.


  • Extreme Solar Light Transmission (Up to 98.2%)

Technical Data

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As above mentioned, solar glass is widely used for:

  • solar panels