Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass (also known as IG or double-glazing) is a type of glass that consists of 2-3 glass window panes. The latter are divided with a vacuum or gas filled space. It reduces heat transfer all over the part of so-called building envelope (physical separator).

Without any exaggeration, this type of glass is an evolution from outdated technologies (e.g. storm windows). Older double-hung door and windows use only a single pane.

The popularity of insulated glass could be easily explained: it fits almost any climate. For instance, during summer time, a window can be installed over the double-hung window in order to protect house from insects and animals. In the winter, a screen can be taken out and replaced with so-called storm window. As for the latter, it has two-layer separation between indoors and outdoors; it helps to raise window insulation in cold winter months.


  • It helps in insulation by means of reducing the heat gain and heat loss
  • Insulated glass raises the energy efficiency in buildings; it results in lower electricity consumption
  • It helps in sound insulation and improves acoustics; it’s especially relevant for commercial buildings
  • Provides the reduction of direct sunlight
  • Insulated glass can act as a security or safety windows


Traditionally it is used at hospitals and hotels, houses and office buildings. Insulated glass is used everywhere with a large amount of heating or cooling is required. For any place where temperature and humidity need to be under control, this type of glass suits the best.

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